Professional Development Scholarship Grant Request

We believe that it is never too early in our career to think about professional development. Investing in our teachers and educators is the best way to ensure both career growth and academic growth for our young leaders. This is why we are covering the costs of professional development in our tri-county school districts.

Even though professional development can take up precious time, here are a few reasons why professional development matters:

  • It sets you up for success
  • It expands your knowledge base
  • It’s a confidence booster
  • You meet other teachers
  • It helps you set & achieve your goals
  • You become a better teacher

Going through professional development courses will give you skills you can use immediately, but more importantly it will help you grow professionally over time. A common misconception about professional development is that it only helps you. It’s important to remember investing in yourself as an educator will also help your students.

The more professional development teachers get, the more likely students are to succeed.

Whether it is a workshop, a conference, or a meeting, all teachers should take part in some form of professional development to set themselves up for success and we’re taking to cost of entry barrier out of the equation. If you want to attend an upcoming “The 6 Types of Working Genius” training in the region, please request a scholarship grant below and we will cover your costs to attend in the coming months / year.

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    NOTE: Your scholarship grant request will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified within six weeks after submission when an upcoming professional development training will be provided, costs covered by this scholarship grant, training location, and requirements to attend.