Hi! We are Larry and Rebecca Collett

We believe in giving back to our community.

The Larry and Rebecca Collett Foundation was established in 2021 by Larry and Rebecca Collett, in the midst of a global pandemic, to support the needs of the local community through grants.

If you are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, need support, and meet the criteria of the Larry and Rebecca Collett Foundation, request a grant and our team will try to help.


Why we do it.

The answer is simple…there is a need. The Lowcountry has been very good to both Larry and Rebecca Collett and they have made it their life-mission to give back to a community that has given them so much.

Basically there are two sectors, the public and the private. The private sector, or business, is good at developing products and services, while the public sector, or local government, is good at delivering solutions to all the people who need them.

For the most part, private and public sectors, acting either separately or together, meet the needs of the community. But there are gaps, spaces where some people or organizations don’t get what they need.

If there is a need, and it fits within the Larry and Rebecca Collett Foundation’s mission, 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations can request a grant.

How we work

Where does our foundation fit among the other institutions trying to improve the world?

To bring about the kinds of changes that will help people and organizations, we seek to understand the need. Whether the challenge is domestic violence in a neighboring community or low graduation rates in South Carolina, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments, whether it is a grant or a contact that can move the needle farther.

This is the kind of problem that philanthropies can help solve, and it’s how we define our foundation’s role.