A short letter for Coach Spurrier...

Hello Coach Spurrier,

I created this page to tell the story a little more than 250 characters that Cameo allows. I hope you don’t mind.

My name is Larry Collett and along with my wife, Rebecca, we created the Larry & Rebecca Collett Foundation as a way to give back to our community. My wife attended the University of South Carolina during your tenure there.

One of our initiatives is sending a Gift of Happiness to local schools as a way to say thank you to teachers for all they do for our young learners.

I could not imagine a world without teachers. We have all been touched and impacted by a teacher in our lives and they truly are the unsung heroes spending more time with our children than most parents do in a given day yet we’re losing teachers due to low moral, burnout, and worse…quitting and changing occupations. We decided to reach out to Panera Bread Corporate and partner with them to deliver coffee, bagels, pastries, fruit, and other tasty treats to entire schools in our South Carolina community as a way to thank them and tell them that they are valued and appreciated more than they know. Our foundation pays for this gift of happiness, which is about $240 per school, as we knew we could not ask Panera Bread to donate it due to the food and beverage industry suffering during this pandemic as well. They are gracious enough to offer us 25% off and we’re blessed for that discount.


Would you be open to doing a short video in joining us in thanking teachers for all they do for our young learners that we can share with them when we deliver? Our South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster, and State Senator, Tim Scott, have both been gracious to do a video or letter that we can share. You can see both of these below.

The video can be short and say something along the lines of…

“Hello Amazing Teachers in the Lowcountry. I’m Coach Spurrier and I want to join the Larry & Rebecca Collett Foundation in thanking you for all you do every day for our young learners. What you do does not go unnoticed.”

Of course, please modify to your liking. We’re hopeful to get many leaders and local celebrities in showing teachers how much we appreciate them.

You can also visit https://lowcountryteacher.com to see a full list of the schools we have already delivered to and the ones we are scheduled to deliver to. We are doing a teacher appreciation gala in January where we will also share your video to the entire room.

Thank you for your time,

Larry and Rebecca Collett

Video from Senator Scott
Letter from Governor McMaster